#SMWF has evolved into #DMWF

In 2016 #SMWF is evolving, in recognition of the growing digital marketing content, under the new banner of #DMWF – Digital Marketing World Forum –  www.digitalmarketing-conference.com

Social Media Marketing will still be a central part of the content at #DMWF, running alongside other key themes including: Content Marketing, Customer Experience, Data Driven Marketing for Personalisation, Digital Commerce and Digital Marketing Technologies.

Social platforms have become an integrated part of everyday lives and brand marketing strategies. With the social landscape always changing keeping up with how best to utilise these platforms and communicate with audiences effectively is a continuous challenge.

Some of the hot topics we will be looking to cover in the social marketing content stream at #DMW in 2016 include – influencer marketing, social media storytelling, reputation management, crisis management, marketing automation, social media listening, video and live streaming, social branding, social commerce and social customer service.

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