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Jakob Lykkegaard, Co-Founder, Pagemodo

JaobLykkegaardJakob Lykkegaard is a young entrepreneur from Denmark. When he was 21, he decided to skip a very good job at SPAMfighter and business university to chase the good life in Thailand. In Thailand, he co-founded, an online service to create custom Facebook Pages. More than 80,000 businesses used Pagemodo in only six months. Pagemodo has been featured on Techcrunch and elsewhere for being the first proper pagebuilder in the market. acquired Pagemodo in Jan 2011, so Pagemodo is now part of the major venture-backed website builder serving over 50 million small businesses. Jakob is still in a leading role at Pagemodo and keeping a finger on everything that moves on social media. Jakob is also passionate about the property market and investing in properties and Thailand based startups on the sideline. He sees Asia as the new tech hotbed.