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Exhibitors 2011 founded in Jan 2010, today is a leading Mobile Ads Market Place for Developers, Publishers and Advertisers. The Vserv Marketplace, built on superior technology has delivered over 500 campaigns till date.

Talk Box

VOICE MESSAGES REDEFINED. Experience the fastest messaging on iOS & Android with TalkBox Voice Messenger! TalkBox is sending messages with your voice. It’s an application dedicated to saving you the trouble of typing and to getting your messages across FAST! MESSAGING MADE FAST: Talk the message and get your emotions delivered instantly. No more typing hassle; no more uploading and downloading voice notes. TalkBox instant push-to-talk messaging saves your time. FAST YET CONSIDERATE: No obligation to reply right away. Enjoy the gratifying delay and listen back to the messages whenever you want.
TalkBox is a proud creation for the World:#1 SOCIAL NETWORKING in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong and Israel.Top 10 Social Networking App in New Zealand, Australia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Qatar


HAIKU, the convergence platform software editor, was created in 2002. We offer carriers, media groups, content providers and internet companies comprehensive convergent multimedia solutions to enhance their multi-channel presence and sustain the growth of their business.  Integrated mobile portals, fixed and mobile internet social networking, Iphone and Android applications are only a few examples of our success stories.  
Product description: IOMagic convergence platformHAIKU has invested in the development of a truly convergent platform. We provide a comprehensive solution that allows our customers to publish, manage, control, bill and animate content and processes of their mobile portal and application store towards all relevant devices on the fixed and mobile internet as well as on IPTV. 
The platform aggregates and adapts the contents from various feeds and sources. Our customers use our wysiwyg interfaces to manage content structures, animation calendars and publishing medias. Our billing, rendering and adaptation modules then perform the final adaptation at runtime to provide the best customer experience.

Trend Stream

Trendstream is a consultancy dedicated to understanding trends in technology adoption and what they mean for consumer behaviour, marketing communications, media and content.

We created the GlobalWebIndex, which is the most detailed on-going global study into the internet consumer’s attitudes, motivation and multi-platform internet behavior ever created. It provides a unique perspective on the development of the internet, enabling clients to understand the impact on their target audience, business category and market.


Developers, designers, architects, team leads, web professionals, and development managers gain access to broad technical education at DevDays. Sessions are delivered by top local and international speakers from Microsoft, our partners and industry experts. The technical sessions and field experiences, combined with access to programs such as MSDN, are designed to help the attendees grow their skills, give them the tools to apply their learnings back to work, share best practices, and build connections.

Reach Publishing Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1999 and has been publishing magazines ever since. Magazines in our portfolio include, Majalah Tech, Business Today, National Geographic Traveler, M2, etc, Euro, World Cup and Malaysian Golf Directory. All these magazines are independently audited by Audit Bureau Circulation (ABC). is and has been Malaysia’s No. 1 tech magazine since our launch, with over 25,000 in monthly circulation. We cover topics from product reviews, tech news, latest gadget previews, gaming, photography and enterprise news. Check out our news portal at or connect with us on Facebook at We tweet at

Mobile Marketing Association

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is a premier global association that strives to stimulate the growth of mobile marketing and its associated technology. MMA members include agencies, advertisers, hand held device manufacturers, carriers and operators, retailers, software providers and service providers, as well as companies focused on the potential of marketing via mobile devices. 
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MovendMoVend is a mobile payments platform that allows consumers to purchase items, feature upgrades and premium versions within applications. We offer flexibility in payment options including PayPal, carrier billing, we are supported in more than 38 countries, and virtual credits. Our dedicated developer dashboard allows you to manage your business easily through features such as sales analytics.
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amdocs Amdocs is the market leader in customer experience systems innovation. The company combines business and operational support systems, service delivery platforms, proven services, and deep industry expertise to enable service providers and their customers to do more in the connected world. Amdocs’ offerings help service providers explore new business models, differentiate through personalized customer experiences, and streamline operations. A global company with revenue of $3 billion in fiscal 2010, Amdocs has approximately 19,000 employees and serves customers in more than 60 countries worldwide. For more information, visit Amdocs at

Web Spiders

webspidersWeb Spiders is a Rich Web and Mobile Engineering Company with core competencies in Mobile Technologies, Rich Internet Application Frameworks (e.g., Adobe Flex) and Enterprise Content Management systems. Web Spiders mission is to drive revenues and profitability of its clients, by providing product development and digital marketing services through a best-shore delivery model.
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RockeTalk •    What is RockeTalk?

RockeTalk is India’s biggest and leading mobile social network. It’s the underground trend where in millions of Gen-Y mobile users, across the globe, use RockeTalk’s unique voice and video enabled interactive features to communicate with friends, family and new acquaintances. 

RockeTalk has maintained by far the strongest audience engagement with over 1.1 Billion page views per month and has 6.5 million active users in India and S. Asia. There are more than a hundred thousand communities on RockeTalk in India alone.
RockeTalk is preloaded on LG, Samsung, Redd, Micromax, Lava and many other mobile phones from various OEMs.

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csdnCSDN is the largest Chinese IT knowledge group in China, focusing on IT knowledge transfer, technology events, professional training and recruiting services. Founded in 1999, CSDN currently has more than 18 million registered users (including 10,000 CTOs and hundreds of thousands of architects, team leaders, and project managers) and 500,000 registered companies. CSDN ranks 27th among all Chinese websites and is the No.1 website targeted at technical professionals
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WINIT is one of the largest companies in the World for custom and multiplatform mobile application development, established in 1997. Since inception, the company has successfully collaborated with numerous companies offering them a high-comfort zone with delivery of proven and prompt service.

WINIT’s strategies benefit clients by acquiring and engaging consumers on the web & mobile. WINIT implements it’s strategies via interactive applications that are designed for ease of use, security and scalability.
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TackThis"TackThis! The social commerce platform that empowers businesses to start online shops via social networks easily.

With TackThis! e-sellers can create” a shop simply by creating a “tack” widget to their Facebook Fan Page/Blog/Website within minutes! This enables their customers to complete their sales transaction instantly without hassle.  
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Hottolink is the No.1 share holder in social media monitoring platform market in Japan. supports over 600 companies’ social media marketing with their technologies. The company is technology oriented using data crawling, data mining, text mining, machine learning, recommendation engine etc. is launching an English version of the social media monitoring platform this year to expand their solution globally.
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AlterianAlterian empowers businesses with social media intelligence and the delivery of insightful reports to successfully engage with your target audience.

Our social media products and services allow you to harness the power of the consumer's voice within social media as an integral part of your marketing strategy whilst listening to what's being said about your company, brand and product, and delivering informative reports that can drive your marketing actions.

In essence, our social media monitoring tool SM2 and social media insight services transform social media data into actionable business intelligence. Worldwide customers include Microsoft, PayPal, Skype, Xerox and Sage.


Brandtologyv2Before founding Brandtology, Eddie was the founder and CEO of e-Cop Pte Ltd, which grew to become a market leader in the Information Security Industry. He pioneered the first 24×7 Managed Security Services in the world with e-Cop which was acquired in 2007 by a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd.

In 2008, Eddie founded Brandtology, a business and brand online intelligence firm. Using proprietary technologies and proven process, combined with trained and experienced analysts, Brandtology helps companies listen to conversations in the social media and make strategic decisions for their brands in a timely manner.
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TIBCOTIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) is a provider of infrastructure software for companies to use on-premise or as part of cloud computing environments. Whether it's optimizing claims, processing trades, cross-selling products based on real-time customer behavior, or averting a crisis before it happens, TIBCO provides companies the two-second advantage(tm) - the ability to capture the right information at the right time and act on it preemptively for a competitive advantage. More than 4,000 customers worldwide rely on TIBCO to manage information, decisions, processes and applications in real time. Learn more at


NetbiscuitsThe award winning Netbiscuits platform is available as a cloud-based software service (SaaS). At all tools, interfaces and mobile enabling technologies are provided to develop, publish, monitor, and monetize professional mobile web services.

By using Netbiscuits, media companies, agencies, retailers, brand owners, developers, and service providers achieve a faster path to profit from their mobile Internet programs. In 2009 Netbiscuits won the internationally recognized ME Award for the, Best Mobile Publishing Platform is a leading mobile Ads market place for Developers, Publishers and Advertisers. Adnetwork pioneers in In-App full screen J2me and Android Mobile advertising with exclusive Apps from Global developers like Glu Mobile, Lunaforte and Indiagames.

The Vserv market place, based on superior technology has delivered many campaigns for leading brands like Nike, Reebok, Skoda, Google, Yahoo!, Docomo.


HAIKUHAIKU, the convergence platform software editor, was created in 2002. We offer carriers, media groups, content providers and internet companies comprehensive convergent multimedia solutions to enhance their multi-channel presence and sustain the growth of their business.  Integrated mobile portals, fixed and mobile internet social networking, Iphone and Android applications are only a few examples of our success stories.

Tiger Pistol

TigerPistolOur clients engage us to create or customize their Facebook, Twitter, Kaixin, Sina Weibo & Location activation campaign applications for growing their connections, growing participation and the engagement of social network community, and converting their community to refer, trial or buy.

Tiger Pistol is a privately held company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. We have an extensive network of colleagues and partners across the Asia Pacific region that have allowed us to implement campaigns for clients across the region, from India all the way through to Japan, Korea and China.
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Blinkcampaignv2BlinkCampaign powers your business on Facebook with our suite of easy to use apps specifically developed to help you acquire new FANS and excite existing ones. With BlinkCampaign, businesses can easily do all the following with 1 Monthly Price.

•    Easily create campaigns such as Deals, Coupons, Lucky Draws and track results to generate new leads.
•    Showcase your products with our Custom Page, Photo Slide Show and Document Viewer apps
•    Automatic capturing and building of your leads database each time your Fans interact with you.
•    Send Social Email Marketing Campaigns with the integrated email marketing tool and generate viral conversations beyond Facebook.
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SME & Entrepreneurship Magazine

SMESME & Entrepreneurship Magazine is Southeast Asia’s best selling business magazine. Dedicated to small and medium enterprises and entrpreneurs, SME Magazine features current news and in-depth analysis, and practical articles and features in everyday language.

A rapidly expanding sector, SME companies form the bulk of businesses throughout Asia and is often referred to as the thrust of the new economy. SME Magazine speaks to the owners and entrepreneurs, people at the driving seats of their respective businesses.


InMobi150InMobi is the world’s largest independent global mobile advertising network. InMobi provides advertisers, developers, and publishers with a uniquely global mobile advertising solution.

InMobi, which more than doubled its network in the first 6 months of 2010, delivers the unprecedented ability to reach 185 million consumers in over 125 countries through more than 21.2 billion mobile ad impressions monthly.
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WINITWINIT is one of the largest companies in the World for custom and multiplatform mobile application development, established in 1997. Since inception, the company has successfully collaborated with numerous companies offering them a high-comfort zone with delivery of proven and prompt service.

WINIT’s strategies benefit clients by acquiring and engaging consumers on the web & mobile. WINIT implements it’s strategies via interactive applications that are designed for ease of use, security and scalability.
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Mobile Apps

MobileAppsWhat's your name, what's the name of your company?
My name is Alvin Koay and I am the founder/CEO of We are launching a global cross-platform app wholesale marketplace where app developers get to use our facilities to sell at wholesale prices and directly to end-consumers.

What does your company do?
3 things.
1) Global cross-platform app wholesale marketplace with 95% payout to developers.
2) Global app discovery solution for app developers.
3) App advertising widgets for website owners to recommend targeted apps to their site visitors and get paid to do so.

What problem does your product solve?
1) Apps are cluttered out in app stores and developers face a huge challenge getting their apps discovered. helps developers get their apps discovered out of the app stores and to targeted end-consumers in rightful mobile platforms, countries and categories.
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MyNewsDeskMyNewsdesk Mynewsdesk - The News Exchange Site
Mynewsdesk matches company news with interested journalists, bloggers and other influencers - on their own terms. All content - news releases, videos, images and other company information - is instantly search engine optimized and automatically published and shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Flickr and Slideshare.

Mynewsdesk serves more than 23,000 companies, hosts 3,600 social media newsrooms and has a 97% customer satisfaction rate.
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smaato Smaato ( is a pioneering mobile advertising company that operates the mobile ad optimization platform called SOMA (Smaato Open Mobile Advertising) and partners with mobile publishers and app developers. More than 35,000 publishers have signed up with Smaato to monetize their content in 230+ countries and Smaato is managing 70+ billion ad requests per month.
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AdLib Media Publication

adlibAdLib, A Monthly Media Publication by VT Editorial & PR Consultancy PRINT, WEBSITE, BLOGSITE and soon, a BUSINESS PORTAL on FACEBOOK! 
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AdIQuityDetails coming soon




propel-exhibSince 2001 Propel London has helped the digital industry to grow. We provide an honest, human recruitment experience which sets us apart from other recruitment companies.

As we've grown up with the industry we've evolved our service to reflect the ever-changing variety of roles and expertise in the sector. We now have expert consultants across all digital disciplines – technical, design, client services, performance marketing, and client-side.
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Engage Sciences

EngageSciencesEngageSciences was setup by an experienced team to help marketers build and publish social web marketing campaigns. From the inception we had one simple use case - how could we help companies attract customers, engage followers and amplify fans to drive conversions.

This was the key to succeeding with campaigns on the social web so we wanted to create a service that would help companies of all sizes and budgets create and execute their campaigns in this way.
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SambaashSambaash, based out of Singapore, is led by a team of experienced business and technology professionals who have successfully provided business solutions across Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia for more than 25 years.

sambaash’s mission is to create and foster an online environment for business communities to collaborate and benefit from their collective knowledge and experiences. sambaash’s vision to enable meaningful conversations within communities is achieved through its solution for online communities – sambaash 2.0 platform.
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WileyFounded in 1807, John Wiley & Sons Publishers has been a valued source of information and understanding for more than 200 years, helping people around the world meet their needs and fulfil their aspirations.

Wiley is proud to have Matthew Fraser, co-author of new book Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom: How Online Social Networking will Transform your Life, Work and World, as the chairman for the Social Networking World Forum.  This book as well as other new exciting books on the world of social networking will be available to purchase from our stand during the two days of the conference.

Ape Snap is traditionally an event registration solution.  We have just launched, a webstore solution for local merchants. Since our launch in May 2011, over 100 F&B merchants already signed up for our service as they love us lots compared to Groupon-type sites.  To understand ApeSnap better, you can go to - where Sizzler is offering $200 of savings for $19.99, right here at Suntec!

We are angel-funded by Dr. Andreas Weigend, former Chief Scientist of Amazon; and venture capitalists.