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HAIKU, the convergence platform software editor, was created in 2002. We offer carriers, media groups, content providers and internet companies comprehensive convergent multimedia solutions to enhance their multi-channel presence and sustain the growth of their business.  Integrated mobile portals, fixed and mobile internet social networking, Iphone and Android applications are only a few examples of our success stories.  
Product description: IOMagic convergence platformHAIKU has invested in the development of a truly convergent platform. We provide a comprehensive solution that allows our customers to publish, manage, control, bill and animate content and processes of their mobile portal and application store towards all relevant devices on the fixed and mobile internet as well as on IPTV. 
The platform aggregates and adapts the contents from various feeds and sources. Our customers use our wysiwyg interfaces to manage content structures, animation calendars and publishing medias. Our billing, rendering and adaptation modules then perform the final adaptation at runtime to provide the best customer experience.