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ispa-partner The Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA) was established in 1995 as a trade association to represent providers of Internet services in the UK. ISPA promotes competition, self-regulation and the development of the Internet industry and has over 200 members - ISPA members come from across the Internet sector and include ISPs, search engines, content platforms and web hosting companies. ISPA members are required to abide by the ISPA code of practice that commits them to provide a 24-hour police contact service and a high standard of transparency and service.
ISPA is focussed on representing its members on important regulatory issues. ISPA liases with Government departments such as the Home Office and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills on behalf of its members and has a strong relationship with Ofcom. Government officials and parliamentarians contact ISPA for its knowledge and expertise in the industry and about issues relating to the Internet.
Policies are agreed by the ISPA Council, a body of up to ten people selected from and representing the various interests of the membership. The Council is served by a secretariat. ISPA also operates four policy subgroups - Internet Safety, Content Liability, Broadband and Law Enforcement - where members can discuss policy.

ISPA members must abide to the ISPA Code of Practice, which is regarded as a mark of commitment to good business practice. For instance, the Code states that ISPA members must provide a complaints contact for breaches of the ISPA Code. For the complete ISPA Code of Practice document, go to -

ISPA UK was instrumental in establishing EuroISPA, the pan-European association of the Internet services providers associations of the countries of the European Union. For more information about EuroISPA, go to -