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This interactive and engaging platform of RockeTalk enables any mobile user to post messages, join live communities, send voice & video enabled greetings, uploading an unlimited number of photos, videos, audios, life blogging, learn more about the individuals they want to know and so much more. RockeTalk makes mobile phone communication which is fun, easy, break through the language barrier, expressive and is free of cost. It’s absolutely close to just like being there in person.

•    Recognition & achievements

RockeTalk has always been the most popular mobile application amongst the mobile users and is also increasingly gaining its due recognition.

o    Visiongain's latest management report "Mobile Social Networking 2011-2016" released on August 15, 2011; incorporates a complete segment RockeTalk. The report has clearly listed RockeTalk as the top mobile social network in India.
                         Visiongain is one of the leading and fastest growing and most innovative independent media companies in Europe. The report released by the organisation examines the rapidly growing market of social networking on mobile devices. This brand new report provides forecasts of growth for the category, market sizing and analysis of development prospects for the period 2011-2016.
     This report has aimed to capture mobile social networking as a genre. Besides the market analysis, user behaviour, trends etc. the Visiongain report
o    The Guardian, UK’s No.1 publication has declared “HP and RockeTalk - India's tech future” by Alex Krotoski, Host and Contributor, of Tech Weekly segment of the Guardian. She has announced RockeTalk as Asia’s biggest mobile social network. Alex is a recognized name in UK and she been writing about interactivity since 1999. She has a PhD in the social psychology of relationships in online communities.
o    RockeTalk is the only social networking application in the top seven at the NDTV Gadget Guru Awards 2011 in the ‘Best mobile application of the year’ category. NDTV Gadget Guru Awards are the first-ever lifestyle and gadget awards in India.
o    An independent recent analysis by Informate, RockeTalk was declared to be higher than Facebook and Twitter on mobile
o    Airtel recently rolled out its list of 10 most downloaded and used apps on its network and yet again Rocketalk is on top 10 overall and top in the social networking category. Moreover, RockeTalk is the only mobile social networking app in top 10 over all list
o    Djuzz charts also indicate that RockeTalk has been the top most downloaded application month on month.

•    The Genesis

RockeTalk is the brainchild of Rajiv Kumar, an IIT Alumnus who has always been associated with path-breaking technologies and is one of the founders of the Bluetooth Technology with three patents on Bluetooth registered in his name. Founded 28 months ago, RockeTalk is a venture-backed company, headquartered in San Diego, California, USA with offices in India.
RockeTalk was born with a vision of enabling mobile phone users to more easily express themselves and communicate with their friends. The company has developed and launched a social media platform and mobile phone client applications that provide a variety of fast, easy-to-use multimedia services. Users can create any combination of text, voice, photos, and video messages, share with any contacts, join communities and chat with individuals and groups, and access a variety of entertainment and content.
RockeTalk makes communication between individuals and groups easy and rich, and facilitates a new form of self-expression that informs, entertains and connects people through the media they create.  In addition to this, RockeTalk was the only application in India to be launched independently and not on any operator’s deck.

•    Product

RockeTalk, the product, is a rich mobile only social media application. Fundamental features to the experience on RockeTalk are an individual’s Home page and Profile. The Home page includes many interesting options like - What’s Hot, an interactive and engagement zone for the mobile users.  This section illustrates the Hot contests, hot profiles, contest entries, Communities and much more that keeps people hooked on to their phones, People get actively involved. My Page is also unique to every RockeTalk user. It enables RockeTalkers to share voice and video updates powered personalized feed with their friends. The Profile displays information about the individual he or she has chosen to share, including interests, education and work background and contact information. User does also have an option to make it unique to them by opting for an audio profile.  Additional features like Friends, Inbox, Communities, Media, IM+, Fun Zones and many other entertainment avenues keep mobile users hooked on to RockeTalk.


•    Technology:

RockeTalk provides a rich mobile social networking experience to all the GPRS enabled phones. People can enjoy the RockeTalk’s interactive features on their very own mobile phones ranging from basic to smart and high end phones. It works on all Java enabled phones and is a break-free for those who do not necessarily have a smart phone.
RockeTalk has opened its APIs to third party developers. This unique offering allows developers to create applications on RockeTalk’s technologically advanced platform.