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Crisp Thinking: Social Media Moderation 24/7

CrispCrisp Thinking: Social Media Moderation 24/7The smart way to moderate your Social Media channels

Crisp provides affordable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week moderation of social media pages; giving brands the highest quality protection against damaging Social Media Content such as Spam, Pornography, Profanity and Racism and at a fraction of the cost of human moderation agencies. We also turn moderation budgets into a positive ROI by:

•    Identifying and sending relevant comments to Customer Service Teams.
•    Providing sentiment analysis for every Post / Campaign.


•    Identifying Social Media PR Crises at an early stage.
•    Spotting threats against your business, people or property.
•    Increase Social Media Engagement by ensuring your fans and only see relevant and suitable content.
Crisp’s Social Media Moderation 24/7 is a truly global service. We moderate all social media platforms in over 50 languages and currently moderate over 500 million pieces of content each month for over 100 customers.

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